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25, 2009 · You're fine. I dated a 36yo when I was 22yo. at was a good relationship. It lasted a year. I actually have a pattern of dating men who are significantly older an I am. I just had a 3 year relationship wi a man who is 13 years older an me (I am 36yo, he is 49yo). 11, 20  · e bigger concern I would have wi e situation is, why is e 23-24 year old hanging around asking 18 year olds out. at seems like a much bigger red flag an an 18 year old being interested in a 23-24 year old. 0 0. Meagan. 5 years ago. Im 18 dating a guy who just turned 23 years old. I love it. We are long distanced,so we talk on e. 18,  · A 19 year old guy is not gonna be ok dating a 16 year old girl if it can get him in trouble in any way. So, look uo e age of consent, at gives e ok to move ford to go out wi him, when at happens, talk to your parents and let em know. 19,  · 17 year old girl dating a 14 year old boy? I had is 14 year old boy come up to me and say he had a crush on me and at he would like it if i was his girlfriend. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. 12, 20  · So,my best friend started dating a 20 year old like 4 mon s ago. Hes almost 21 and hes very immature. I know ey're not having (don't ask how but I know,for positive). She just turned 12 a few mon s back. I don't really ink ey should be toge er (I try to stay out of o er peoples Business but is is worrying me) and I was wanting your opinion. Apr 26, 2007 · Each child is different, and developes at different rates. e milestones are a great referance, but just don't get to stuck on em. Talk to your pediatrian if you are concerned about e developement. I have a 3 year old boy and he is doing some ings a 5 year old can't do, but some ings 3 year olds are Supposed to do he can't. 28, 2009 · Well a few days ago, a guy in my grade asked me to go to e movies wi him. But ere's a problem, we're only 11-years old (don't worry, I don't intend on keeping my Yahoo! Answers account). My parents said it would be completely fine if I went wi him alone, but I don't feel safe wi is guy. He's nice, but he comes from a family where at least all of eir family members have kissed. , 2008 · e 16 year old should try asking e 11 year old's parents at very same question, ey'll give em an accurate answer. From my point of view it's wrong. At 16 someone is damn near to being an adult, a child of 11 just isn't mature enough to understand e impact of a relationship. , 2008 · I understand at and 11 year olds have interest in dating and each generation starts younger and younger. Looking back, I know at ere is no point in dating at young, but for e kids' sake and to attempt to prevent growing up too fast, I would never let my kid date at young. 03,  · 2 of my close friends are dating 16 year olds. Al ough i do find it slightly weird if e BOY is 13 and e girl is 16 3. 0 1. Log in to reply to e answers Post. your noon. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. Is it racist to ink White women are prettier an Black women? Feb 28, 2009 · I am a 17 year old dating a 20 year old. i ink it alright as long as e parents are okay wi it. I am in college so at's how I met my guy. What do you ink of e answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on e answer. Sign. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. 16,  · I'm 14 and dating a 17 year old. We're 3 years apart because as soon as I turn 15 he turns 18 2 mon s later. People say e same ing he's a pedophile he only wants you for is/ at is isn't right blah blah blah. F*ck em. Don't even listen to em. 11, 20  · I would not approve of my 15 year old son dating an 18 year old girl. I would not approve of my 15 year old dhter dating an 18 year old boy. I would not approve of my 15 year son dating an 18 year old boy. And I would not approve of my 15 year old dhter dating an 18 year old girl. It does not make a difference. 21,  · I've got a mate who's 18 and he's dating a friend of his who is 14 (mind you I ink she turns 15 soon). Do you ink it’s wrong? He asked me and a couple of friends today and it was a bit of a mixed verdict from us, and I was just wondering what o ers might ink. Jack is an old soul, a real gentleman, he's in e relationship for love not. 22, 2008 · i blame zack and cody for 12 year olds dating. however, i doubt eyre acctually dating at all. just being cute, or at least e 12 year old. im 15, and not a virgin. i couldnt stomach being wi a 12 year old. id feel like a paedophile. ey'll break up soon, ey . 09,  · Anonymous asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 3 years ago. Is it bad at I'm a 26 year old male virgin? Barely Mediocre Answers. Lv 7. 3 years ago. Favourite answer. Everyone has different values and beliefs. As long as you are a virgin by YOUR choice and not at e influence of o ers you're fine. Join Yahoo Answers. 06,  · okayy. im a 12 year old girl. turning 13 in ember. [7 graaade] im VERRRY mature for my age, like i act like a 16 year old & look like one. but, im dating a 15 year old boy. [9 graadee] is is wrong? we already are ' in love ' likee, we makeout, cuddle, ETC. but anywaysss. do you ink its an okay age difference? 05, 2009 · my little girl has cht a tummy bug, and i have dealt wi it before as my son was sick wi it a few mon s ago, i would just like some ideas on what you would give a toddler to stop her being sick, i gave her a cup of water which she rew up. i don't drive and don't really ink she is able to walk all e way to e docs ough i know what a dor would say continue wi fluids. ,  · I mean we all know 14 Year old girls back en look'd 17 while most 13 Year old's look'd 11, i mean we all know is smh. Home. Mail. News. Wea er. Finance. Sport. TV. 14 Year old girl dating 13 Year old boy in e 1970's? Join Yahoo Answers and . 11,  · A moon rock collected by a U.S. Apollo mission is estimated to be 3.70 billion years old by uranium/lead dating. Assuming at e rock did not contain any lead when it was formed, what is e current mass of Pb206 in e rock, if it currently contains 1.230 g of U238? e half-life of U238 is 4.47× 9 years. Pb206 mass. 20, 2009 · I recently met a man while I was grabbing lunch before work. We talked for about 30-40 minutes before parting ways. During our conversation, he asked me to dinner. I was attracted to him from e get go, BUT he's 33. He's successful wi a good job, he has 4 children, 2 from his ex-wife, and 2 wi a previous girlfriend. I am more concerned about discussing e topic wi my parents because I. Feb 23, 2008 · So i know what your coming from. Age doesnt matter. I ink its good to start dating older guys when your younger because you get more respect in some cases (but make sure ey treat you right). In e real world out of highschool, big age differents dont matter (+ years or so) So if you ink about it, 2 years difference isnt such a bad ing. 26, 2009 · I'm a 16 year old girl and recently, I've started dating a 19 year old guy. We've been friends for about 2 years before we started dating so we're pretty good friends. I was wondering if he could get in any trouble for dating me. I know at I already meet e age of consent in Canada, but is ere any ing else at he could get in trouble for? 16,  · A 17 year old is not a peer to a 43 year old. First, outside of genuine friendship or a mentoring relationship (at means no ual behavior, btw), I cannot image what a 43 year old man would see in a 17 year old. e age of consent be irrelevant because a 17 year old is not developmentally ready for a relationship wi an adult. 16, 2007 · A 23 year old man can not date a 15 year old. It is against e law and e 15 year old is what is called jail bait. ey can be friends but no ing more. ere can not be any because e man can get in trouble for rape. e girl needs to find someone closer to her age and e man needs to find himself a woman closer to his age. 27, 2009 · As i mentioned above we are dating for past six mon s and planing to get ry soon. I have never been a parent so far, my and i ing I need to take a responsibility of being a fa er to a kgf is 33 and taking care of kids her own for more an 2 year. Kids are (1 boy and 2 girls) aged between 8-3 years. I want to show my woman at I love her and her kids as well and to show her an I'm. 01, 2009 · My friend is 12 and 5-7 people ink shes older! She went to a 17 year olds sleep over party. And met a 19 year old who became her bf ey made out in fao shworts he has a mustash and is like 6-3! hes got some brain ishoes cuz i mean hes dating a 12 year old. 23, 2008 · Personally, I ink at 9 years is quite an age difference. ink of it like is: when you were only he was 19! A year old wouldn't date a 19 year old! You have SO much time to find e right guy. Find someone you can relate to at is your own age. 08,  · e age rating is merely a recommendation. it is ere as a guide and is not a law. It all depends on what e child has been exposed. if he or she is allowed to watch horror movies or 18+ films en playing Far Cry 3 definitely isn't unsuitable mean while if e child's parents are strict and make sure e child only watches age rated films en it would be unsuitable to a point. all. 18, 2007 · Hi. I also work wi a boy wi Autism, but he's 7, only he has e mentality of a 3 year old. He has very little communication skills. But here's what I do when I try to teach him to talk. I sing e abc's, and he sings also, but he only gets up to abcde. I also began to recently sing abc 123, and he tries to sing e 123 part, but he gets. 13,  · Can a 14 Year old grown man/Teenager go to jail and be classed as a offender for dating a 13 Year old kid? I mean 13 could get you 20 right, in Canada? Especially for a 14 Year old . 04, 2009 · 4 years ago What we call Hinduism developed over an prolonged quantity of time for e reason at pre-historic situations in India. e question misses e element at Hinduism isn't a undeniable set of ideals, yet is fairly a continual evolution of ought and prepare in pursuit of e utmost ideals. hence e main historical religious.

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