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e relationship under study is, at is writing, ongoing. e chart of e first meeting is pictured at right. First ings first, I looked at e phase of e Moon. e couple met at e time of a New Moon, when e Moon was arating from e Sun wi an orb of about 9 degrees. First meeting charts Electional or event astrology. Moon trine Venus Moon tile s Moon square Neptune Moon trine Mercury Sabian Symbols for is moment For e Sun: A drowning man is being rescued. For e Moon: A radical magazine, asking for action, displays a sensational front page. ,  · e Axis are wi in a few degrees of my own.(Later to see his progressed Axis are e same at is time) e first Meet chart e Sun is con ct my Natal Mercury and s (later to see his Mercury/ s Midpoint and 5 house cusp) Meeting Chart Venus is on my Ascendant (his o and progressed IC, Progressed Sun, Venus, and Mercury). 04,  · e First Meeting Chart is simply a chart cst for e moment we first meet someone. Wi in e framework of at chart all of e potential and/or destiny of at relationship will be shown. It is my experience at is is even more clearly shown an e aspects between e two natal charts . Moon Square Venus Meaning, Synastry Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Free Online Astrology, Synastry Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. Moon Square Venus - Seek and meet people born on e same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts Astro-Seek.com. Astrology Charts for People wi Moon Square Venus. An aspect of Moon Square Venus in e natal chart indicates a person who is very sociable, is comfortable around o er people and can make superficial contacts to boost self-esteem. Explore e astrological bir charts of famous people and celebrities wi an advanced search of planets, aspects, and patterns to deepen your study of astrology. 20,  · Excerpt from my latest Sasstrology post: Natal Moon square Venus in a man’s chart is considered a romantic red flag. Some astrologers interpret it as a life characterized by unsatisfying partnerships. Read on to discover why—and if is is even true.. Moon square Venus. Not as difficult as you might ink, but a tile, trine, or con ction are considerably better. e eories behind e Moon in Electional Astrology can be applied to e first meeting chart of a relationship. See our example of e delineation of a first meeting chart here. is aspect is a seat of inner tensions. e tension of e square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects at give us e drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and en becomes a door to understanding. It is important to understand at e Moon rules e home and e family. Chartruler is actually con ct my natal Sun-Moon-mp. how funny at e guy is a Sagittarius wi Sun and Moon, MErcury and MC in at sign. His Sun-Moon-mp actually con cts my natal Sun and is con ct e first meeting chart`s Moon-Pluto-con ction and also con cts is chart`s o. e Saturn, yes, I do feel it,s o strongly. 13,  · e meeting was indicated in your chart (and eir chart). When a major relationship manifests, one person's progressed Moon aspects e o er's natal Sun and/or progressed Sun aspects e partner's natal Moon or Venus. : First Quarter Square And e Crisis Of Detachment. ober 22nd, : Sacred And Ear y. ey're over 12°, so again I'm just curiouse about opposite signs, in is case Composite Moon is in Sagittarius and First Meeting Moon is in Gemini con ct e Nor Node 0.5°, bo First Meeting NN and Moon con ct First Meeting Venus in Cancer at 9.5° orb. Apr 25,  · I ink Venus Square Moon is my least favorite natal aspect in my chart. e conflicting dynamics are probably harder to deal wi for a woman in general, since Venus and e Moon are bo indicators of a woman's personality/style. My venus is in Pisces. my moon is in Sagittarius. Actually, being a Sagittarius ascendant Feb 19,  · A 7 House Venus square Saturn (in e House) could indicate at career responsibilities, or concerns about your reputation, will interfere wi e relationship. 7 House Venus trine 11 House (friends and groups) Jupiter (expansion) can suggest a relationship at develops rough friends, or a friend who becomes a romantic partner. 23,  · Moon square Venus: is is especially true for men wi is aspect. JFK has is aspect, and he was known for his affairs. e Moon and Venus are feminine planets, and often play a role in e kind of partner we desire. e Moon represents our emotions and what makes us feel secure, while Venus represents how we give and receive love. 19,  · Credit: mguntow via iStockphoto A con ction of Moon/Venus in e natal chart unifies needs and love . is is considered a soft combination, and doesn’t get as much press as e intense Moon/Pluto con ction, or e angst-driven Moon/Venus square. Moon wi Venus people are some of e sweetest, most romantic and kindest ones! But ey seem to encouter relationship problems quite often. Let us see why is is e case and what it means to have is combination in e horoscope. Moon con ct Venus in e Bir Chart. moon moon aspects moon biquintile venus moon con ct venus moon ile venus moon incon ct venus moon ile venus moon ile venus moon opposite venus moon quincunx venus moon quintile venus moon semitile venus moon semisquare venus moon tile venus Astrology Chart for a Haircut. 4 people love it! 4 people love it! 12 2009. Moon Square Venus Meaning, Natal Bir Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Free Online Astrology, Natal Bir Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. - Seek and meet people born on e same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts Astro-Seek.com. Moon Aspects. e moon represents our emotional nature, our security and deepest needs. It containts our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing. It is associated wi e mo er and wi feminine energy in general, it is bo our inner child and mo er. It is responsive, receptive, reflective. In e 2003 Davison SR (see Chart 3), two planets were at 29° (Sagittarius Sun tile Uranus in Aquarius), and two were at 0° (Sagittarius Moon tile Venus in Aquarius). At e very least, is foretold an unusual year — alpha (0°) and omega (29°), beginnings and endings. Moon transits to planets in e natal chart are very brief influences, lasting few hours. Moon takes approx 28 days to travel 360 Degrees in e Zodiac and e twelve houses. e text below is e interpretation of Moon transit when Square Venus. Y ou have a T-Cross (also called e T-Square) when two planets at make an opposition aspect (180 degrees) are bo making a square aspect (90 degrees) to some ird planet.Draw lines connecting all ree and you have a T. Since e square and opposition aspects are supposed to be stressful BAD aspects , beginners usually get terrified whenever ey spot a T-Cross in a horoscope. Sun in ano er person’s first house. Venus in ano er person’s 5 house. Venus con ct, trine, or tile s. Moon con ct Venus synastry. A meeting of nurture and love language. e moon person in e equation is comforted by e way e Venus person expresses eir affection. e sense of sociability and evenhandedness. Nor node was transiting my 5 house where my natal venus, s and jupiter sit. In synastry we have my sou node con ct his venus and s as well as my moon con ct his sou node and my vertex con ct his nor node. My anti vertex con ct his saturn. Moon con ct saturn double whammy. So i guess its pretty karmic. Venus square Pluto (almost exact), Venus square Saturn (3 degrees), Venus square s (7 degrees). Venus also opposes my Nor node, and NN is square e entire stellium, wi saturn again squaring Nor Nor as an exact aspect. To me is all feels like having ree arate T-square configurations, all hitting my Venus and my nodes. 04,  · ose wi Moon con ct, square or opposite Venus have a need for love, social contacts, and for loving relationships. Everybody needs ese ings, but ere is a great amount of insecurity around ese issues and e need to be loved. Moon-Venus contacts are often wrapped up in e need for affection, understanding, and for a desire of a harmonious home . e First Meeting Chart shows where a relationship is headed, and draws on Electional Astrology techniques. Relationship Astrology Tips from Annie. is article includes notes on e Nodes of e Moon . Divorced female meets second spouse - He: Progressed Venus con ct Sun. Her: Transiting Uranus con ct Venus, and Progressed Moon in Libra. Life-changing affair for female: Progressed Venus con ct Sun. First riage for young eligible bachelor - Progressed Venus tile Ascendant, and tile Node. Progressed Moon into H7. Apr 23,  · Venus con ct Chiron comes wi e opportunity to embrace our vulnerability and heal our heart.. Venus is e planet of love, relationships, and personal values.Venus is what is important to you. Chiron is e key to e zodiac.When Chiron makes an aspect to ano er planet, it ‘unlocks’ its secrets, it reveals some ing at was hidden, overlooked and misunderstood. Venus rules our sentiments, what we value and pleasure including grace and charm. Venus rules e arts, love and romance, beauty entertainment and comfort. We look to venus in your chart to identify how we approach our relationships whe er rough security, conquest or adventure and what ings in life bring you most pleasure. Venus Square Jupiter. Moon con ct Venus personalities do not have e faintest idea about how to cope in conflict-prone environments. Even ough it is good to avoid harsh environments for our mental well-being, it is only in e place of adversity at we can genuinely grow. Ano er downside of moon con ct Venus is e lack of motivation to do any sort of hard. Apr 05,  · Rahu always attracts Venus in e bir chart of opposite. Cause Rahu is A and creates BANDHAN to continue Bir channel. Now see in which sign or house your Rahu is sitting in your chart? If you are male, you will be attracted to e female in e first meeting who has Venus in e same sign/house or just opposit sign/house of your Rahu. 14,  · Neptune - Moon: I have seen several examples of Neptune - Moon, including Neptune square Moon, Neptune trine Moon and Neptune tile Moon. Neptune square Moon was e most potent, and here we have someone who was really emotionally neglected and abused in her childhood, causing a lot of difficulties as an adult. 03,  · Saturn in first house people come across as reserved, cold, and stern. e first house in bir chart describes e energies you project into e world. You are seen as a very serious person. Saturn in e first house blocks you from displaying emotions, what is sometimes good, sometimes bad. People see you as mature and responsible. 02,  · Moon opposite or square Venus will bring a bit of zest to what o erwise would be a soft, compliant, custard-pie combination. Having e two most feminine bodies in astrology in opposition makes for an interesting tug of between e glamorous, but impossibly-vain lover and e caring, self-sacrificing mo er. No. In synastry con ctions tell e tale. A square is more like someone sticking you wi a needle. Unpleasant but ultimately not consequential. Here is a great article on e Vertex. e Vertex in Astrology I agree in particular wi is parag. Venus opposite, square or semi-square Pluto in e synastry chart. ere's a strong, intense and compulsive attraction to each o er, but is doesn't unfold harmonically. Pluto person requires dep and intimacy and is willing to resort to controlling and manipulative techniques to keep Venus person close to its sphere of influence. e sun con ct Venus problem of always taking advice is actually helpful for politicians. is aspect is also great for news reporters and anyone in e public eye. Cult Leaders. One common factor at all people wi sun con ct Venus have is eir ability to gain a cult-like following. is can be literal, as was e case wi Charles Manson. 24, 20  · Exploring ese tough Venus/Moon aspects from a male perspective got more of a work out once I began consulting. Male clients wi a square or opposition between Venus and e Moon often related to is difficulty reconciling bo aspects of eir female partners, some going so far as to have a wife at home (Moon) and a mistress on e side. e 5 house - e 'joy' of Venus - is often called e house of 'love affairs' for it has a traditional association wi pleasure, delight, love and gifts. Finding e Moon or a main significator in e 5 suggest a heightened passion or pleasure in e relationship, but does not always bode well for . 16,  · I looked at our Composite chart and found e answer: we had a tight Sun con ct Saturn AND Moon square Saturn connection. In Composite charts, it is said at e man represents e Sun while e woman represents e Moon. Saturn, on . Venus square Chiron. Chiron, Venus Leave a comment. Share. When we do finally find joy, we want it to last forever, but en, when ere’s pain our first reaction is to avoid, ignore, or push it away. Reacting to joy or pain wi any form of resistance – clinging hard to . Venus opposite, square or semi-square Ascendant in e synastry chart. Bo Venus person and Ascendant person are in tune wi each o ers’ needs and preoccupied wi each o ers’ comfort. Venus person become more concerned wi meeting Ascendant person's . 26,  · Venus square Saturn in e natal chart can be an uncomfortable aspect to live wi but like o er challenging Saturn aspects, potentially brings great reds. e difficulty is at Venus is e pleasure principle and Saturn by its nature isn’t too interested in pleasure. 04,  · s con ct Venus You have a good balance between your feminine and your masculine qualities. You tend to get along well wi e opposite. You know what it takes to have a balanced relationship and you tend to be e one to compromise first. You are very charming and people tend you like you. You probably have a set of fans or admirers. Best. venus- s aspects (creates a flowing energy between e two and even ough e hard aspects can be more difficult, it can create a lot of attraction). s-pluto aspects (especially harmonious aspects, a lot of very intense energies, ual attractions). harmonious venus-pluto aspects (a really intense, transforming relationship. harmonious aspects are less likely to become unheal y.

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