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25,  · I can only speak for myself. I know at acne is caused by a hormone imbalance, and it makes your skin freak out in a painful way. But, despite e way it looks, I would not hesitate to date, kiss or make out wi a girl who had acne. Heck, I'd sleep wi one, and e acne ei er being ere or not would be a non-issue. Apr 30,  · Well, I ink e acne isn't e unattractive part: It's e layer of cake on her face. Makeup is more of a deterrent an acne. You wear a nice suit, and en her face rubs off on your shoulder. Acne is not just a sign of testosterone, and even men wi lower levels of testosterone get it. However, it can be a sign of poor heal, eating poorly, and low hygiene. Women would obviously prefer a heal y mate, and as acne is seen as a sign of poor heal, it would of course be unattractive. Society seems to support e idea at acne is unattractive. And ok, not trying to crush you fur er, but studies have shown at people do rate it as being unattractive. So at must mean at YOU are also unattractive because you have it. 04,  · acne can be unattractive. I have a friend who has a awful acne - so guys don't like her. but from what you are telling me, you have mild acne - like myself. if you have a pimple or zit once in a while, I wouldn't care a lot of people of acne! but if e acne is REALLY bad an i would say its unattractive. Acne is unattractive., It manifests as open sores on one’s face and/or body. Acne is also a medically treatable condition and people living wi it should see a dor. Acne would not in itself, keep me from dating someone or being friends wi someone. I do find it a bit unattractive, but it had to be e kind of acne at left deep scars all over e face. And even at wouldn't be a huge problem. My SO's got pretty severe cystic acne on his chest and back, but his face is pretty smoo apart from a few spots here and ere. ey're pretty painful, ough, so not fun. 06,  · Clinical studies suggest at up to 55 of adults aged 20 to 40 struggle wi persistent acne.Since scarring is often an inevitable part of e breakout process, and one at such a high percentage of adults struggle wi, it's a wonder we still consider acne scars so shameful: How to get rid of acne scars is a term searched over 60,000 times a mon. Severe acne is a turn-off, but at's apparently not your case. (Google severe acne to get what I mean, I've had it and it's no fun.) Acne ks are fine, a lot of people have em. Recently I approached a girl wi a couple pimples and acne ks on her face, and I didn't even notice em at first. basically a nonfactor imo. if you’re attractive, acne isn’t going to detract from at. if you’re unattractive, e acne isn’t why. it doesn’t make any difference. level. 7 points. 1 year ago. My husband had horrible acne when I met him. It didn't bo er me much. Only at it looked painful! 16,  · 2) To answer your answer: specifically, it depends on e guy. Generally, I'd say yes - acne just isn't attractive whe er it's on a guy or a girl. It's not some ing at definitively makes an o erwise attractive person automatically unattractive (so you're lucky you are o erwise attractive), but it still comes pretty close. 25, 2009 · be you are ugly or stupid, or bo. You might wish to ask Mel Gibson or Brad Pitt as ey bo have had some bad scarring. If at is e worst of your concerns in life, at your age, you are better off an most. If acne is your concern, see a dermatologist or try some cleansers and be a silver solution from a store like GNC. 17, 2008 · Tyler T asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 1 ade ago. do you ink guys wi acne are unattractive? right now, I have modern acne. Weell i am attracted to a guy wi clear skin and i dont find a guy ugly just because he as acne cuse ya know its life. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending. Personally I don't ink it's a big deal. Acne is some ing at's really hard to control. But I'm sure is opinion is ra er irrelevant in e real world. People tend to be shallow and first impressions kind of color eir opinions of you quickly. Having acne/acne scars is a detriment when it comes to e dating scene. 21,  · HONESTLY, if a girl’s face is covered really bad wi acne at will be unattractive to guys. On e o er hand, if you just have mild acne (like tons of teenagers) guys will not care much. Also keep in mind, girls tend to make a big deal over little ings when it comes to beauty at do not matter. Do not sweat e small stuff. She had acne, yet she was seriously e apple of all e boys’ eyes because she was so confident in herself. Tips for Gaining Confidence and Dating Wi Acne. Sometimes becoming confident is literally about faking it till you make it. Act confident even if you don’t feel it inside. Smile, lh, start conversations, make eye contact. 11, 20  · yes! ese are very unattractive on my face. i don't have much indented scars but whenever my skin is healed from an acne, it will have dark ks on my face for a few weeks before it goes away. sigh. i ink it's really unattractive and i have to use concealer. but en i saw some of my friends have it but i ink it doesn't affect how ey look. i mean to me, ey are still really pretty. Apr 30,  · Yahoo Products. Promoted. Anonymous. Agree/disagree: acne is unattractive at any age? Answer Save. 6 Answers. Relevance. Harley Lady. Lv 7. 1 mon ago. Yes, but nobody likes having it. I never had acne as a teenager, but now at I am older, I've been getting it. Sucks. 0 0 0. 12,  · If at was true, en I would be a very ugly person. I have had acne all of my life and I even have some scars from it. I don’t ink acne will make you ugly but what it does it lowers e self confidence, so you feel more ashamed and embarrassed. 03, 2009 · I am ried now and dated girls wi acne when i was single. What is e big deal, you have a minor skin flaw at is beyond your control? Only a shallow guy or a complete dick would care about some ing superficial. All ese guys who said no or gross are idiots. Just ink if ere was a super hot girl wi acne ey would turn em down. 26, 2009 · People do not see e actual acne as unattractive, ey find e fact at you are not like e average person (clear-skin), unattractive. Which is beyond retarded to me, but at's just e way at most people ink for some reason, I ink it's just hard-wired into us. Personally, I ink at someone at isn't average, for whatever. 18, 2008 · No is does not make you unattractive!! i had braces and acne at 13 too and yea i felt at way too but definaly dont overwash your face because at wont do any ing just make sure if you have make up on wash it ALL off and wash your face twice a day and if you start to handle at be you can get concealer or cover up i just got it and it works fantastic but get e. Feb 26, 2008 · it depends on e guy. if he's like, cocky and only looks for e physical ings, en he will most likely not like you. but en again, ose are e guys you shouldn't bo er wi. i don't ink acne is unattractive, al ough it is somewhat good to have a good appearance and good impressions. acne can exceed to a limit where it is kind of unattractive. but, if you have a really nice. 28,  · ere are ings at I find physically unattractive, but acne just doesn't seem to really phase me on o er people at all. Al ough my perspective could just be like is because I battle wi it too, who knows! I ink one of e main ings people are attracted to is e confidence a person displays in emselves, acne or not. 02,  · I have had acne for almost 4 years straight now and i am afraid it makes me unattractive to e world and at everyone is always staring at it. I wear alot of makeup to cover it but when i get in e pool for water polo it all comes off, revealing my true skin. I personally ink its very nasty even ough it is natural. I feel like acne is only bad looking on me and everyone judges me for it. 26,  · I'm 16 and have had moderate acne for about 4 years now. I have it on my cheeks and chin and can make me feel really self-conscious. I so sometimes purposely avoid looking in mirrors because it makes me uncomfortable. Admittedly, it doesn't always bo er me as much when it's not as clear but its really hurt my self confidence to e point where I don't go out and do ings when I don't . I was very popular as a child, was shy wi horrible acne as a teenager and felt desperately ugly, saw a movie about being deliberate about your appearance, and took action to groom myself, eat clean exercise, and dress nice. Now I get approached by women. Go figure. level 2. 30,  · Regular acne breakouts usually appear on e face and can vary in size and shape— ere are bo whiteheads and blackheads, says Dr. King. Fungal acne . I'm not talking about ose people being unattractive. I'm talking about e o er or whatever at have it REALLY bad. Al ough I ink e occasional couple of pimples is ok, I don't ink I could see myself dating someone wi a face full of pimples. Likewise, I don't see anyone at would want to be wi me because of e acne on my face. 13, 20  · acne itself is unattractive. acne alone wont make someone look unattractive (depending on severity of course), but it does make someone less attractive an ey would be wi out acne. argue all you want, at is e fact. Quote. Share is post. Link to post Share on o er sites. kjs5048 0. kjs5048 0. Let's face it ladies men look at our mou s. Bad brea and discoloured tee are unattractive to e opposite. Cut down on e coffee or red wine. Use whitening too paste or strips to brighten your smile and ALWAYS carry gum or brea helpers in your . Even mild acne can affect one’s emotional heal. is is especially true for teenage girls. In studies, teen girls often say at acne makes em feel unattractive. Given at acne can lead to such experiences and feelings, it’s not surprising at researchers have found at people wi acne often develop depression or anxiety. Apr 07,  · 19 ings you should know before dating a girl wi acne. e struggle is real. By Paisley Gilmour. Apr 7, Giphy.. Don't touch e face. Let's get is clear right now. You ink it's. 12,  · Acne is unfortunately unattractive, but like you i met some people at have it bad and its incredible how confident ey can be. I wasnt able to be like at too much but I guess some people are just stronger an o ers. en again, ive acted confidently many times in public wi bad acne but deep down inside i ink we all are hurting a bit. 21,  · So I came off e pill, walking away inking it was possible I’d outgrown acne. one year later, e treacherous bastard made a U-turn back into my life.After e night of my Great Date Escape. Don't listen to ese people. I'm ugly, have acne and am disabled. I'm also of average intelligence, am chronically constipated and have two major illnesses. No matter what people tell you, your life is going to suck. It's a lie at you'll ev. 16,  · Doc, I used to believe at beauty is subjective and different people like different ings. But at's complete bullshit and ere are certain features at would make a guy attractive for any girl. It's just how it. Dimples, nice smile, m eyes etc. I have none of ose. My face is an egg, I have a weird look in my eyes, and despite weighing 70kg and being 1.85m tall my face is still. 15, 20  · HONESTLY guys, do you find girls unattractive wi acne scarring and wud u date em? I used to get attention from guys but i'm afraid it wont happen anymore due to acne scarring on my face(its not severe but not mild ei er. Im not beautiful but certainly not ugly. Just wondering what yere oughts are b4 go back on dating scene. please be honest. 25,  · When I see someone wi acne I automatically ink, aw, I hope ey’re okay . Not at all people wi acne are sad or any ing but I know my acne has caused a lot of emotional pain for me in e past and I kindly hope ey aren’t experiencing what I did. People who have had severe acne seem to have a better understanding of people. 26,  · I can only speak for myself. I know at acne is caused by a hormone imbalance, and it makes your skin freak out in a painful way. But, despite e way it looks, I would not hesitate to date, kiss or make out wi a girl who had acne. Heck, I'd sleep wi one, and e acne ei er being ere or not would be a non-issue.

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