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Ascrs 209 annual meeting cme Welcome! Welcome to Ponyville Plaza! is is a community server formed around e My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, but besides at we also have a wide array of o er areas we cover, such as video games, art, photos and (of course) memes. We also have roleplay and a ketplace for artists to advertise eir commissions. 28,  · Tree Huger Manage To Calm Down e Smooze (Make New Friends But Keep Discord). MLP: FiM [HD] - Duration: 5:09. Letupita725HD 9,156,474 views. List of Discord servers tagged wi equestria-girls. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! DISBOARD my-little-pony (295) chat (24019) rp (62032) roleplay (98572) nsfw (39137) fun (68599) gaming (0880) e One And Only My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Is Magic Official Discord Server!. 5k+ member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Featuring 24/7 active chat, roleplay,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis. 2. My Little Pony: Friendship Chat. Calling My Little Pony fans from all over e world! Even if you're not one, you can join to find out more about e ponies of Equestria! *NOTE: IS IS A REUPLOAD OF IS VIDEO. E O ER APPARENTLY HAD A VIDEO AND AUDIO PROBLEM MIDWAY ROUGH E VIDEO. anks to Adoring Fan who brought it. e chill in e air and e dark silhouette on e moon can mean only one ing, Night e Night has once again come to Equestria. So don your costume and get your candy, but don't forget to make your offering to e Night e Moon statue near e forests' edge, or she'll come for you!. e Night e Night celebration begins ober 31st and runs rough ember 7. Cheerilee stated at Discord has a pony head. Discord traveled back in time wi Twilight, and Star Swirl is e inventor of time travel spells. ere is a huge mysterious hourglass in Star Swirl e Bearded wing counting down to some ing. Luna's book has stars and a swirl. Discord is a recurring villain turned heroin My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is one of Twilight Sparkle's closefriends and Fluttershy's best friend. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battles Royale 1.2 Battle Record 1.3 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Dea Battle Info 3.1 Background 3.2 Powers and Abilities 3.3 Grogar 3.4 Feats 3.5 Weaknesses 4 Trivia Aku vs Discord (Completed) Asriel. Discord is a draconequus, element of Chaos. He lives in Chaos in Ponyville, but like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, also appears in Canterlot, where he stays in Canterlot Castle. He was added in e version 2.4 update. Like Celestia and Luna, he can drop one of each type of element shards. He also starts at 5 stars and can't play minigames. Prior to his addition as a playable character. Be pony-like and kind to o er members. Trolling, impersonation, and similar acts are not acceptable! Follow common courtesy in voice chat. Keep it SFW, do not disturb in-progress games wi off-topic chatter, and properly calibrate your microphone. One of e biggest MLP FIM discord servers is finally back and brand new. Here is a list of ings we do at ponyville planet! (Giveaways) Enter for your chance to win ings like custom ranks. (A nice happy community) Safe for work wi lots of fun happy members. (Server events) Lots of server events from voice chat game shows to music nights. My Little Pony Defeating Discord. style no: MMLP1647GL1. $25.00. is item is Made to Order. Color * Size * Quantity-+ ADD TO CART Notify me when it's back in stock. ADD TO WISH LIST SHOWLOGINPOP SHOWWISHPOP. Description Size Chart basic men's crew tee. 0 cotton Our mens and womens tees are slim fit tees. If you enjoy wearing a loose fit tee. is is a rescore of e last minutes of e MLP Season 4 Finale, again using music from NFL Films album America's Game: e Super Bowl Champions, compo. Trixie is an all-in-one Discord Bot for pony lovers She offers a variety of great features, many of which to satisfy e needs of My Little Pony fans and server admins. Her set of commands range from utility stuff, simple fun, imageboard commands, custom commands, soundboards, to even a full web dashboard to configure Trixie and watch e. 1 Season two 1.1 e Return of Harmony Part 1 1.2 e Return of Harmony Part 2 1.3 Hear 's ming Eve 1.4 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 2 Season ree 2.1 e Crystal Empire - Part 2 2.2 Keep Calm and Flutter On 2.3 Magical Mystery Cure Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo. Discord is a draconequus and one of e supporting protagonists of e My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. He is from e city of Chaosville, but he mostly resides in Ponyville. Discord represents e Element of Chaos and Disharmony. Discord is jovial, fun loving and even quite charming, taking little seriously and already ready for a good lh. You might ink Celestia was being. Loki VS Discord is a What-If? Dea Battle by Howsitgduud, featuring Loki from e vel Comics and Discord from My Little Pony in a reality-bending battle between two godly tricksters. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Loki 4 Discord 5 Pre-Fight 6 Dea Battle! 7 Results 8 Trivia vel vs My Little Pony! Two of e best tricksters in media square off in a battle of e minds. Boomstick: Since e. Images and videos of e tyrannical filly Cozy GlowfromMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 1 Gallery 1.1 Images 1.1.1 Season 8 1.1.2 Season 9 1.1.3 O ers 1.2 Videos 1.2.1 Season 8 1.2.2 Season 9 Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery Add a photo to is gallery. e Draconequus, part of e Metaphysical group, live for disorganization and destruction. eir bodies are composed of many different animal parts. ey have e power to alter emselves and e world around em. Inspiration: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 24,  · Discord hesitated for a moment, wondering if conflict was truly needed. It was a small ought, quickly crushed by e lust for chaos at made up e majority of his mind. Oh, princess Luna! Sunset Shimmer’s rehabilitation Snips and Snails’ rehabilitation Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk's defeat Midnight Sparkle’s rehabilitation Principal Cinch's defeat Gaia Everfree's defeat Gloriosa Daisy's rehabilitation Grubber's defeat e Storm King's dea Tempest Shadow's rehabilitation e Storm Creatures' rehabilitation Night e Moon’s dea Queen Chrysalis’ deafet. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: e Return of Harmony Pt. 2. A/N: Ok, here is e final chapter and e final update for today. See you all on Wednesday! Read, review, and enjoy! Disclaimer: I don't own any ing from My Little Pony: Magic is Friendship. I just own any and all characters at I . Discord is a spirit of chaos who first appeared as e main antagonist of e season two premiere e Return of Harmony. Pri ily characterized as a nonsensicaltrickster,he is aGreek my ology-inspired creature called a draconequus (from e Greek words meaning dragon horse), a serpentine being wi a pony's head and numerous different animal parts. It is shown in e series' distant. Discord was shocked from e impact, How did you do at?! Damon lhed making e o ers feel uneasy and kept on eir guard. Did you forget at I am a master of sorcery? Chaos magic has very little effect on me! And as proof he took out a talisman wi a strange symbol on it making Discord gasped and moved behind Chat Noir in a panic. Twilight Sparkle is a powerful easy-to-use bot created wi focus on Utilities, Games, Moderation and Fun to provide users a better experience and help server owners to improve eir Discord server. Twilight can be used to to reduce e number of bots needed in a server from about 6-8 to just one as she offers a lot of different features. Discord/Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Chat Noir was stuck in e rain. She winds up in Equestria, right before e defeat of Discord e first time around. Oh no. Series. Part 7 of ToZverse. Language: English Words: 20,477. While we seem to get a new voice actor or actress every o er week for e My Little Pony movie, one specific character looks to be taking a vacation during whatever events transpire in it. John De Lancie confirmed over on Twitter at we will not be seeing any Discord. anks to MrConreds for e heads up! Back when Discord was out to drive Equestria mad ousands of years ago, he employed e Smooze to cover e land in his goop, much like in My Little Pony: e Movie (1986). Only it was against e slime creature's gentle nature, and it didn't enjoy having ponies be afraid of it. Discord is e mad beast of Chaos and e last draconequus. e god of destruction and chaos, Discord ps reality wi a snap of his claws. He has sworn vengeance against many of e gods for combatting him, and imprisoning him time and time again. He views e Royal Sisters as his greatest reat, ough he also distrusts any lawful deities. His followers are to cause destruction wherever. 04,  · Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro confirmed to Forbes at GI Joe, My Little Pony, and Transformers will be coming as official RPGs, following e already announced Power Rangers tabletop roleplaying game. While ey were hinted at in eir press release is week, it hadn't been confirmed at - o er an Power Rangers ese o er games would be tabletop RPGS. On Cartoons and Animation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Do you like is villain? Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - Page 2.

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